More visions of the duet in dance More choreographic languages
More bodies on stage
More examples of a dedication capable of crossing the centuries
This is the new appointment with the vision of contemporary dance that the GDO chooses to implement through the multiplicity of bodies and the poetics of several choreographers; a choreographic project with a truly unusual power of suggestion, which presents itself as a moment of escape and aesthetic and “cultural” immersion from everyday life through gestures, interpretation, music and sounds. A plurality of encounters and clashes, of noisy solitudes and deafening absences.

The splitting of dualities, the human being acting in dualism.
TWEE, the man, the supreme being composed of small entities, the duets, who leaning on the music of Rossini and Bach want to dance the reality that rotates and crosses the dualism inherent in the title and in man: a two plural of encounters and clashes, of noisy solitudes and great silences;
From the improbable setting of opera music to the contemporary of electronics,
to the sound of nature and society, everything is the perfect humus to tell a human reality that we live or hope to live every day

Concept: Patrizia Salvatori
Choreography and Direction: Ilenja Rossi, Maria Olga Palliani and Nicola Migliorati, Monica Castorina, Matteo Patruno and Alessandra Ruggeri
Light design: S.S.Service by Marco Giamminonni
Music: AA.VV. from Rossini to today
Duration: depending on the programming from 30 to 70 minutes
Production supported by: GDO – Gruppo Danza Oggi, MIC art.25
Tour 2022: Italy

TWEE - Le declinazioni dell'io (promo)

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