Per…Inciso is an emblematic title … to be protagonists are precisely “engravings” of the great Italian singer-songwriters who told about Italy in their lyrics and melodies. In fact, in order to underline and reiterate the concept of Freedom, as expressed in the two theatrical monologues that ironically punctuate the show, with a subtle reflection of how that “sung” freedom is exalted and must be protected.

The performers, all capable of contaminating styles and techniques, from contemporary to hip hop, express themselves on stage, combining tradition and innovation, young and not young, moving with a high impact sinuous choreography. A strongly theatrical and deliberately light dance of smile and irony, which is the disruptive force of this extraordinary ensemble that in its “Made in Italy”, in a particularly expressive and exciting way, tells music, sings movement and dances words…

From the timeless ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’, of the 60s, to the rap di Jovannotti, passing through Gaber, De Andrè, Guccini or Capossela, Italy is the real protagonist. Yesterday’s Italy with the melodies of the past and the voices most beloved by the Italian public that puts together, as always happens, different generations with similar experiences and emotions in a significant cultural action with a topical message.


E.sperimenti Dance Company

Federica Galimberti

Mattia De Virgiliis, Francesco Di Luzio, Federica Galimberti

From the 1960s onwards

Luciana Strata

S.S. Service di Marco Giamminonni

Gruppo Danza Oggi by Patrizia Salvatori

With Per…inciso you stage contemporary dance in the world

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