Patrizia Salvatori

Curiosity, emotion, sharing and the search for beauty. In my ears I still hear the notes of Weber’s unforgettable Invitation to Dance and I, proud of the role, performed the steps that the improbable teacher who called himself “of the Teatro della Scala” had taught me!

… and then time passed: from Africa to Sicily, from the Accademia di Danza in Rome to The Place in London and then … and then … and then … tours, shows, festivals … and now 50 years from the beginning and a always fresh vision of tradition and innovation of support for young people, social commitment and the search for beauty.

I steal what was heard from a wonderful 88-year-old woman from the Marche region who, while embroidering with pillow lace, said at EXPO Dubai 2022: “I only like to do beautiful things!”


She trained at the National Academy of Dance in Rome and perfected herself at the LSCD in London. She creates the production structure of the GDO in 1978 which has been subsidized since 1984, of which she has always been the Artistic Director. After a 20-year career, she puts the acquired knowledge into practice to build himself as a Manager, becoming a producer attentive to her artists. Since 1997 she has been dealing with the new trends in the youth world, taking care of the organization of significant events in collaboration with other professionals in the sector.

Since 1999 she has also been the Artistic Director of the INSCENA Association which takes care of and implements projects related to the artistic instrument in social cohesion and inclusion.

Since 2015 she has been the Artistic Director of the social inclusion projects “Il Cratere del Terremoto” and “Liberando le Energie” supported as part of the System Actions by the MiBact since 2015.

Gala dance event ideation and young talents, Crea.Me and many others.

As a Company of Authors, GDO was the first Italian company in Finland and South Korea. It believes in internationalization and has brought its artists around the world from New York to Asia, to the Beijing Dance Festival and the Grand Theater of the S.I.D.C. of Shanghai.

In 2019 she conceived and created the Cultural Exchange Project, a tour that involved six countries of the Asian Basin with eight shows, the international IASAS network with over 230 students with residencies and scenic restitutions in five locations: Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, after the pandemic has resumed mobility with a happy tour in Korea and Indonesia.

In 2022 she conceived “Beauty in the Beauty”, the only artistic project financed and supported by the Marche Region within the EXPO DUBAI and in the same year he gave life to the GDO / UDA Company

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