The Project

2022 ratifies the collaboration between GDO – Gruppo Danza Oggi by Patrizia Salvatori and UDA – Urban Dance Academy by Ilenja Rossi. Collaboration that took off in South Korea in the happy partnership with the MUT DANCE COMPANY and the Italian Cultural Institute.

The artistic partnership between the directors of the two structures sees the birth of the GDO/UDA Company which, made up of the best talents coming out of the UDA training course, finds in the production circuit of the GDO, whose vision is the research and promotion of new talents and new performative languages, the right emphasis on work.

The choreographic work is therefore attributable to contemporary dance but brings with it the spirit, the poetics, the energy, the “truth” of the Urban world, which is expressed both through a theatrical dramaturgy of content, and through the use of musical suggestions aimed at creating that relationship of emotions and feelings which today more than ever is needed in society and therefore in the theatre.

AssenzaSquilibrioEquilibrio (trailer)

Rossini vs Bach (trailer)

llenja Rossi

The passion for hip hop was born in ’96 through which she will have experiences as a dancer in Italian and European clubs and theaters.

Since 2002 she has held workshops and choreographic laboratories, from 2007 to 2019 she has taught IDA, since 2017 she has taught

for the Summer Musical School of the Sistina Theater and from 2020 Coordinator of the Department of

Urban Dances of ASI. Since 2015 creator and coordinator of the UDA Urban Dance Academy the first Professional Training Center for Urban Dances in Rome, which works on a targeted process of global training and education whose purpose is to provide young dancers with the tools for professional improvement , through an absolutely avant-garde program on the European and international scene.

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