The cultured music, that of the Operas Arias or of the Symphonies, of the melodies symbol of our great repertoire that the whole world admires, is the true protagonist of Hopera. An unconscious approach to the Bel Canto that of the unaware protagonist, absorbed in his ramblings and observed by improbable joker ghosts: casual encounters through the walls of an imaginary neighbor.

In Hopera, the music shines in the white scene and the soul of the young man, almost unconsciously, seizes the invitation of those unknown and beautiful melodies, to lose himself in the colorful world of Fantasy and live with joy the new experience in a game of suggestions and ironic atmospheres.

Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Haendel, Mozart and other authors, shine in the refined touch of the performers strong of a theatrical language, new, contaminated, but nevertheless of precious dramaturgical content. Elegance and subtle humor characterize the predominantly masculine ensemble of “sui generis” performers who differ in their lines, gestures, physicality and virtuosity, capable of combining the most classic of traditions with the most avant-garde dance styles, unicum in the choral moment of the choreography built between mobile tulle and remotelly controlled curtains, in a “particular” scenic installation.

Hopera, appreciated since its debut in Beijing and Shanghai, for the choreographic lightness and the wit with which Federica Galimberti together with de Virgiliis and Di Luzio have created its structure, is a change of perspective in the approach to cultured musical heritage to enjoy in its lively “freshness” and modernity, which thus brings together different and distant worlds and infects the whole audience with smile and lightness.


E.sperimenti Dance Company

Federica Galimberti

Mattia De Virgiliis, Francesco Di Luzio, Federica Galimberti

Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Handel, Mozart

Marco Schiavoni


S.S. Service di Marco Giamminonni


Gruppo Danza Oggi by Patrizia Salvatori

With Hopera you stage contemporary dance in the world

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