Gelsomina e Zampanò

At the center of the choreography are two Fellini characters, Gelsomina and Zampanò, who embody two differentways of understanding life and the relationship with “the other“, two visions that stand at opposite extremes butwhich together know how to create something unique because they are able to enrich each other. There is not onlythe narration of artists wandering from one village to another in order to earn money but a denunciation, notexplicitly declared, of the condition of women in the social fabric who is often abused by an apparent male force that stripped from frills and superstructures it reveals its real condition.

Starting from the fascinating notes of Ennio Morricone, through the multidisciplinarity and the use of stilts, the two choreographers highlight one of the most common dynamics within a couple, that of disequilibrium, whichleads the woman to an amplified vision of the man by misrepresenting his attitudes and gestures. The return to a state of balance manifests itself in a condition of equality where differences are resources and strength lies in feelings and not in “gender”.

Concept: Patrizia Salvatori
Choreography: Maria Olga Palliani e Nicola Migliorati
Light design: S.S.Service di Marco Giamminonni
Music: AA.VV.

Duration: depending on the programming from 12 to 25 minutes

Production supported by: GDO – Gruppo Danza Oggi, MIC art.25

Gelsomina e Zampanò (promo)

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