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MARCHE / Land of Excellence at Expo Dubai presents Beauty in the Beauty – Bellezza nella Bellezza Biodiversity, Arts and Traditions of Italy

#Tradition&Innovation from artisan creativity to Glo-cal connections in an immersive experience With the Marche Region, two of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, Corinaldo (AN) and Offida (AP), and Arcevia (AN) land of 10 castles, together for Expo Dubai from February 21st to February 26th 2022

From February 21st to February 26th 2022, will be the week of the Brands that will bring excellence in know-how and the ability to innovate to the Arab Emirates. A full calendar of events to present 19 projects – involving 30 companies from the Marche together with the excellence of the academic world – and to promote the “know-how” of the area.

The Marche Region is present in the Italian Pavilion with innovative projects and advanced technologies capable of having a significant impact in terms of sustainability and well-being, pillars through which the Region intends to present itself in Dubai and with 2 videos on the “belvedere” and “know-how. ”Of the Marche as told by director Salvatores. In the week 21-26 February 2022 the Marche Region is present with a series of forums, Italian dialogues and workshops in the Pavilion and events of the Marche companies. The March Day will be on 21 February 2022 in the presence of a large institutional delegation.

Through a tender, financed by the Marche Region together with the Chamber of Commerce, the Marche Region intended to support the implementation of project proposals with international repercussions presented by regional companies aimed at promoting the company itself, the regional supply chain, the aggregation of belonging towards foreign markets during the Marche week in order to support and expand commercial, industrial collaboration and investment opportunities.

From 24 to 26 February 2022 the Italian Pavilion of Expo Dubai and the Foundry Dubai gallery will become the stage for the special event, created by the Gruppo Danza Oggi Association and supported by the Marche Region, Beauty in the Beauty – Beauty in the Beauty #Tradition&Innovation from artisan creativity to Glo-cal connections.

Beauty in the Beauty is an original project that – through an immersive experience – lights up the reflectors on the artistic and cultural craftsmanship of a region naturally suited to beauty. It is an immersive artistic experience, between video installations and the development of the 5 senses, which involves two of the most beautiful villages in Italy – Corinaldo (AN) and Offida (AP) – together with Arcevia (AN), ter- ra dei 10 castelli: an experience that, in addition to technology, will bring the values ​​and heritage of central Italy to the attention of the general international public, with a virtual and real journey into those elements that guardians of time which, thanks to new research and innovations, characterize the entire territory.

Three villages online: Corinaldo and Offida, among the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, custodians of Beauty and Culture, and Arcevia, land of ten castles. 

Three excellent local craftsmanship: niche agriculture with its biodiversity, performative creativity, traditional manual skills.

Three products: the rare Mays8 file from Arcevia, the bobbin lace making, the new frontier of Archeodance, dancing places, architecture, landscapes.

Virtual reality projected through the narrative and image documentary film, shot in the villages of Corinaldo, Offida and Arcevia, will be accompanied by the sensory experimentation of the same experiences and excellences presented, combining flavors with tactile perception, passing through hatred and vision. of the dancing body of the performers.

Beauty in the Beauty – Bellezza nella Bellezza combines three specific projects to represent the territory: 

Mays 8 file of Arcevia, brought back to life thanks to research in the agricultural field that has allowed to restore the cultivation of the ancient variety, spreading its qualities food and health, enhancing the agricultural biodiversity of the Marches through innovation; 

Offida’s Tombolo tradition, the home of lace since the 15th century and still the custodian of a centuries-old tradition; 

Archeodanza di Corinaldo that inhabits places and landscapes thanks to E.Sperimenti Dance Company, which has made the village unique in central Italy and a real stage city.

The Italian Pavilion has adopted the theme “Beauty unites people”, where the word beauty is understood not only in a purely aesthetic sense, but also includes the set of ethical values, skills and excellence of our country. Themes with which the Marche Region is perfectly in line.

Beauty in the Beauty – Bellezza nella Bellezza  is financed by the Marche Region and the Marche Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Municipality of Corinaldo and the Municipality of Offida.

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Luogo: Foundry Dubai Art Center (Gallery8)

  • Boulevard Crescent – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai



Luogo: IMMAGINA STYLE LLC, 48 BurJ Gate Tower, Burj Khalifa District – 10th Fl oor, Office 1001 Dubai

L’evento immersivo in sinergia con CNA e il Progetto ‘Artisan Emotion’ Eccellenze Marchigiane a Expo Dubai all’interno di Immagina Style LLC.

Luogo: Foundry Dubai Art Center (Gallery8)

Quattro appuntamenti immersivi aperti al pubblico che incastonano l’esperienza presentata il 25 in un ambiente di bellezza, centro della comunità emiratina.

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