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Asian Tour 2019

3 September 2019 @ 08:00 - 21 September 2019 @ 21:00

Asian Tour 2019

Asian Tour 2019

“Esperimenti sulla strada d’Oriente”
Cultural Exchange Project

With the contribution of

Emilia Romagna Region
Marche Region
Embassy of Italy in Bangkok
Italian Cultural Institute Hong Kong
Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta
Embassy of Italy in Singapore
Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur
Embassy of Italy in Manila

E.sperimenti Dance Company, by Gruppo Danza Oggi, is an effervescent Italian excellence, generous and innovative, composed of dancers with the most diverse dynamics and the most various styles. It expresses a contaminated language, engaging, original, new, ready to “smile” in every artistic expression.

A precious alchemy distinguishes every performance of this incredible Ensemble that contaminates with ease and talent different techniques and languages, reaching its own way that is engaging and “true”, always expressing research, creativity, theatricality without ever neglecting messages of refinement and good taste. The inevitable irony that also characterizes its dancers in the drama, gives life to an intelligent and convincing design project, which attracts the audiences and retain them.

Thanks to the vision of internationalization that the Gruppo Danza Oggi Production pursues, E.sperimenti Dance Company is present in the foreign circuit with continuity.

Their main productions had the debut in Thailand with “Per.. Inciso” (2014) and “Convergenze” (2015) at the Italian Dance Thailand Festival promoted by the Italian Embassy in Bangkok, “HOPERA” (2014) and “E.sperimenti Dance Craft” (2015) at the International Friends of the Arts Festival but also in 2016 at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai.

In 2015 “Per… Inciso” is on the bill at the International Festival Between the Seas in New York, “Convergenze”, of the Emilian choreography Federica Galimberti, at the “2015 Women in Dance Leadership” (Baton Rouge, LA – USA) and in 2016 at the Quinzena de Danca de Almada in Portugal.

“HOPERA”, selected for the 2015 NID Platform, has been invited in 2016 at the Beijing Dance Festival, the Vantaa Gala in Helsinki and the Sziget Festival in Budapest.

In December 2017, the Company was the protagonist of an appreciated tour that the GDO organized thanks to the support of the MAE, the MIBACT and the numerous diplomatic offices involved, in China, Indonesia and Asia with re-runs of “HOPERA” at the Grand Theater of Shanghai and of “Attacchi di Pane” in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

In May 2018 “Attacchi di Pane” has been performed guest of the Italian Embassy in Bangkok, for the Celebrations of 150 years Friendship “Italy – Thailand”.

E.sperimenti Dance Company is a Gruppo Danza Oggi production.

Gruppo Danza Oggi

Tour Program

3 September 2019


Gedung Kesenian Theater

Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta

6 September 2019


ISB Internationale School Bangkok Theater

Embassy of Italy in Bangkok

Italian Festival in Thailand 2019

7 September 2019


ISB Internationale School Bangkok Theater

11 September 2019


Jockey Club Theater Hong Kong

Italian Cultural Institute Hong Kong

14 September 2019

Repertoire Show

17 September 2019


Aliwal Arts Center Singapore

Embassy of Italy in Singapore

19 September 2019

Per… Inciso

Performative Area International School in Kuala Lumpur ISKL Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur

3/21 September 2019

International Dance Cultural Exchange Project – Gala



Singapore American School

The Shows


Luce ed ombra, ombra e luce …. dall’alternarsi di esse è scandita la vita dell’essere umano, da sempre: un ritmo ancestrale che risveglia l’animale atavico dentro ciascuno di noi e riscopre la forza travolgente del maschio in armonia con la natura, nella sua fragilità davanti alla grandezza di essa.

Convergenze mette in luce la scissione dell’animo umano tra ragione ed istinto ritrovato nella tribalità, nella riscoperta delle radici insite nel ritmo della ‘terra’, come nel volo dell’animale libero, bello di una bellezza pura perché naturalmente selvaggio, in armonia con la Natura.

Interessante la creazione di Federica Galimberti, che scrive un linguaggio del tutto personale, pulsante, nuovo, contaminato nel fascino di luce e buio.

L’interazione con lo spazio si sviluppa in maniera astratta e visionaria da cui prendono vita forme pure di luce che si dividono e riflettono, componendo spazi nella immaginazione dello spettatore.

Un ritmo primordiale che si materializza in una danza fisica, di terra, nell’estrema sfida di se stessi e dell’altro proprio in un astratto quanto coinvolgente ed energetico rapporto tra la musica elettronica ed il suolo, la luce ed il ritmo, la potenza della danza maschile e la gioia della dinamica. Una scelta consapevole e precisa quella che la coreografa fa di configurare questa tematica con un ensemble tutto al maschile, di grande impatto scenico, ma anche altrettanto capace di esprimerne la fragilità infinita davanti all’immenso. E la rappresentazione di temi così antichi, eppure così contemporanei, affascina dando vita ad una pièce molto convincente.

CREDITS: Dancers: E.sperimenti Dance Company, Choreographies: Federica Galimberti, Music: Avv ed elaborazioni elettroniche, Costumes: Noemi Intino, Lights: S.S Service Di M. Giamminonni – Diego Sacchi


The cultured music, that of the Arias of the Opera or of the Symphonies, of the melodies symbol of our great repertoire that the whole world admires, is the true protagonist of HOPERA.

An unconscious approach to the Bel Canto that of the unaware protagonist, absorbed in his ramblings and observed by improbable joker ghosts: casual encounters through the walls of an imaginary neighbor.

In HOPERA, the Music shines in the white scene and the soul of the young man, almost unconsciously, seizes the invitation of those unknown and beautiful melodies, to lose himself in the colorful world of Fantasy and live with joy the new experience in a game of suggestions and ironic atmospheres.

Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Haendel, Mozart and other authors, shine in the refined touch of the performers strong of a theatrical language, new, contaminated, but nevertheless of precious dramaturgical content.

Elegance and subtle humor characterize the predominantly masculine ensemble of “sui generis” performers who differ in their lines, gestures, physicality and virtuosity, capable of combining the most classic of traditions with the most avant-garde dance styles, unicum in the choral moment of the choreography built between mobile tulle and remotelly controlled curtains, in a “particular” scenic installation.

HOPERA, appreciated since its debut in Beijing and Shanghai, for the choreographic lightness and the wit with which Federica Galimberti together with de Virgiliis and Di Luzio have created its structure, is a change of perspective in the approach to cultured musical heritage to enjoy in its lively “freshness” and modernity, which thus brings together different and distant worlds and infects the whole audience with smile and lightness.

CREDITS: Stage &team choreographie director: Federica Galimberti, Team choreographie: Mattia De Virgiliis, Francesco Di Luzio, Federica Galimberti, Music: Verdi, Leoncavallo, Rossini, Handel, Mozart, Music consulting: Marco Schiavoni, Costumes: E.D.C., Lighting: S.S. Service di Marco Giamminonni, Sceneries: E.D.C.


Per…Inciso is an emblematic title … to be protagonists are precisely “engravings” of the great Italian singer-songwriters who told about Italy in their lyrics and melodies. In fact, in order to underline and reiterate the concept of Freedom, as expressed in the two theatrical monologues that ironically punctuate the show, with a subtle reflection of how that “sung” freedom is exalted and must be protected.

The performers, all capable of contaminating styles and techniques, from contemporary to hip hop, express themselves on stage, combining tradition and innovation, young and not young, moving with a high impact sinuous choreography. A strongly theatrical and deliberately light dance of smile and irony, which is the disruptive force of this extraordinary ensemble that in its “Made in Italy”, in a particularly expressive and exciting way, tells music, sings movement and dances words …

From the timeless ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’, of the 60s, to the rap di Jovannotti, passing through Gaber, De Andrè, Guccini or Capossela, Italy is the real protagonist. Yesterday’s Italy with the melodies of the past and the voices most beloved by the Italian public that puts together, as always happens, different generations with similar experiences and emotions in a significant cultural action with a topical message.

CREDITS: Dancers: E.sperimenti Dance Company, Choreographic team director: Federica Galimberti, Choreigraphic team: Mattia De Virgiliis, Francesco Di Luzio, Federica Galimberti, Music: Cantautori italiani dagli anni ’60, Costumes: Luciana Stata / Noemi Intino, Lighting: S.S.Service di Marco Giamminonni

Regione Marche
Consorzio Marche Spettacolo
Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta
Ambasciata d'Italia di Bangkok
Ambasciata d'Italia di Kuala Lampur
Ambasciata d'Italia di Manila
Ambasciata d'Italia di Singapore
Istituto Italiano di Cultura Hong Kong

Un incredibile Cultural Exchange Project – E.sperimenti sulla strada dell’Asia che ci ha permesso di incontrare circa 250 ragazzi di sei Paesi del Bacino Asiatico ed oltre 5000 persone di pubblico internazionale e che ci ha molto gratificato.
Il Gruppo Danza Oggi e Patrizia Salvatori, con orgoglio e soddisfazione, hanno inteso concludere questo ambizioso impegnativo Progetto con la presentazione in Italia, Nord/Centro/Sud, degli spettacoli che ne sono stati protagonisti: un cerchio ideale di creatività e talento.

Convergenze – Fonderia Aterballetto/Reggio Emilia e Teatro Greco/Roma
Per…inciso – CineTeatro Politeama/Caltagirone per il Festival Internazionale del Balletto
HOPERA – Teatro Traiano/Civitavecchia – A.T.C.L.


3 September 2019 @ 08:00
21 September 2019 @ 21:00
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