E.sperimenti dance company

E.sperimenti gdo Dance Company, is an effervescent Italian excellence, generous and innovative, composed of dancers with the most diverse dynamics and the most various styles. It expresses a contaminated language, engaging, original, new, ready to “smile” in every artistic expression. 

A precious alchemy distinguishes every performance of this incredible Ensemble that contaminates with ease and talent different techniques and languages, reaching its own way that is engaging and “true”, always expressing research, creativity, theatricality without ever neglecting messages of refinement and good taste. The inevitable irony that also characterizes its dancers in the drama, gives life to an intelligent and convincing design project, which attracts the audiences and retain them. 

Thanks to the vision of internationalization that the GDO Production pursues, E.sperimenti Dance Company is present in the foreign circuits with continuity.

Their main productions, HOPERA, Per… Inciso, Convergenze ed E.sperimenti Dance Craft, had the debut in Thailand (in 2014 /2015) at the Italian Dance Thailand Festival promoted by the Italian Embassy in Bangkok. Per… Inciso also had a big success in New York at the International Festival Between the Seas.

In December 2017, the Company was protagonist of an appreciated tour that the GDO organized thanks to the support of the MAE, the MIBACT and the numerous diplomatic offices involved, in China, Indonesia and Malaysia with re-runs of ‘HOPERA’ at the Grand Theater of Shanghai and of ‘Attacchi di Pane’ in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

In May 2018 ‘Attacchi di Pane’ has been performed guest of the Italian Embassy in Bangkok, for the Celebrations of 150 years Friendship “Italy – Thailand”.

The last success has been the E.sperimenti ASIAN TOUR 2019, a Cultural Exchange Project with the contribution of Mibac, MAECI – DGSP8, Emilia Romagna Region, Marche Region, Embassy of Italy in Bangkok, Italian Cultural Institute Hong Kong, Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta, Embassy of Italy in Singapore, Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur, Embassy of Italy in Manila and with the International network I.A.S.A.S.

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