Dance in the heart

My start?

I remember it like this… the sound of the unforgettable Invitation to Dance by Weber and I, with much haughtiness, performed the steps that the improbable classical dance teacher selfcalled ‘of the Scala Theatre’ had taught me… I started at 5yo in Sicily where I arrived from Africa and continued to stay until around 9yo to then be catapulted to Rome for the transfer of the family.

At the time of going to middle school I was asked what I wanted to do and there was that hidden fire: DANCE!

I arrived at the National Academy of Dance “spinazzit” certainly not talented but certainly passionate and tormented by the sense of duty…

I left at 18yo and the first desire for FREEDOM ‘materialized’ in the Company: Patrizia Salvatori’s Ballets.

DANCE really enters in your heart…you love it or it is indifferent to you, it keep living in you until you breathe or it passes silently beside you, it becomes a reason for life and pulsating blood or useless expression of possessed people… “the scumazein“, like my mother in Modenese dialect defined my continuous skipping, moving my arms, rotating on myself, interpreting any melody I was listening to…

But thanks to my mother who let me ‘play’ with that passion, not understanding it, but favoring it because perhaps in some way it also allowed her to experience visibility and reflected joy, I was able to weave a long, professional journey, full of great disappointments but also of infinite satisfactions and irreplaceable emotions.

I have been dancing for 20 years long with what the Gruppo Danza Oggi has been doing since 1978, the first Italian company to perform in Finland, to be invited to South Korea at the prestigious Chung Mu Art Festival, to inaugurate a theater, El Gomhoureya one, in Cairo, but also in Switzerland, Portugal, Germany: beautiful opportunities that with stubbornness and tenacity I went to realize.

Musance is one of my jewels, dancers and live musicians to create the shows together, today it seems simple but in the 80s it wasn’t really a joke… with which we had great attention even from well-known characters… Pippo Baudo, one among many…

Then in 1984 came the recognition from the Ministry of Culture that gave meaning to all the effort made and pushed me to do better… The lifestory of Patrizia Salvatori sometimes identifies with the Company ones, because that anxiety of creating and growing has accompanied me both in the knowledge and in the expansion of my education that reached as far as London at The Place, the Contemporary Dance Temple in Europe, that in dealing with new fields, such as Management, with LUISS courses.

I had the honor and the good fortune to meet and practice with the ‘BIGS’ Merce Cunningham, Antony Van Laast, Jean Cebron, Daniel Lewis, Nina Fonaroff, Bob Curtis, Lindsay Kemp, artists who have all given me a lot and to whom I returned my maximum: I was not talented, but so deeply involved, that my heart and mind did the rest and gave me 20 years of career and a lot of professionalism.
After 2000 I dedicated myself to management, starting to produce other choreographers, with an opening and approach to new gestural languages, to the world of Urban Dance, a true energy boost of earth, solar, and I faced this different role with the soul and the point of view of an artist. 

I owe to this the projects creativity that distinguishes me, the untiring construction work, the will to create a network, the ease of communication, the absolute naturalness on stage…. the youth that I still feel in me today and that allows me to ride time with joy and without too many regrets. 

Thanks to the collaborations with various professionals who still appreciate me, there are many incursions on stage that still involve me, from the Opera’s scenic movements for Maestro Scarton to the choreographies of the movie Trilussa for Titanus Prod., from contemporary dance projects in the Primary School that I have been following since 1999, to the relationship with the fascinating world of disability…

Today, Patrizia Salvatori produces E.sperimenti Dance Company, an innovative and crazy project that brings together several Italian dancers in sharing a point of view, a perspective that sees dance as pure emotion to be shared, that tradition and innovation are intersected, that the gestural contamination creates a unity, but that individuality must be safeguarded and that it takes strength if, despite being different, together you are one thing… But also tirelessly conceives and implements internationalization projects that bring together different cultures and realities in a creative melting pot of positive energies, deals with social projects directed above all at youth tribes of which dance is an instrument of care as art is a doctor and medicine. 

Last effort was in fact the Asian project, an international tour that had about 200 young people participating in the Company workshops, also engaged with their shows in the 6 Asian Capitals of the network project with as many Italian diplomatic Offices, for the Italian culture and creativity promotion abroad. 

Still at the end of the year the actions that in the name of Lindsay Kemp are carried out in the areas of the earthquake will continue, thanks to the beautiful Daniela Maccari, her spiritual heir and muse.

A complex busy life with commitments and a 360 ° vision that allowed Patrizia Salvatori to maintain autonomous positions and points of view, extremely up-to-date and contemporary, with the same ability to involve the others, artist or public or student they are, in actions, activities , projects that propose with unchanged candor and freshness.

Il Gruppo Danza Oggi

Gruppo Danza Oggi (GDO) is a non-profit Cultural Association, founded in 1978 by the choreographer Patrizia Salvatori, today still its artistic & managing director, who directs choices, cultural lines and objectives.

The GDO operates with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, of the Marche Region and of the Municipality of Corinaldo, where it is in artistic residence.

It is part of Federculture, Consorzio Marche Spettacolo, Rete Con.Me, Rete Ri.De. and is CID Unesco member.

The main objective of the GDO has always been to spread the culture through high quality projects that directly involve the public, forming and involving it.

The GDO therefore promotes and disseminates the Live Show and Dance in particular, in Italy and abroad, with activities of production and distribution of dance shows, research and experimentation, training of new creativities, seminar activities and laboratory, planning and realization of cultural events, with particular attention to the social impact.

GDO is today a production structure characterized by firm stability and operative quality, good practices, transparency and managerial efficiency, with a qualified and professional staff, which collaborates with public and private Institutions.

Since 1978 GDO has been producing at least 50 shows and events each year in Italy and abroad (Europe, United States, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Finland, Hungary, China, etc.) that the public appreciates and applauds for the high performative quality.

GDO since 1998 has dedicated itself to the production of new choreographers and also to the support of creativity under 35, giving a new look of “dance factory” to its business.

Since 2013 Gruppo Danza Oggi has moved its headquarters to the Marche region, where it is the only recognized Dance Production Structure, and promotes the Urban Dance Festival, with a three-year agreement for the Municipality of Corinaldo, that animates the Hamlet in its little squares and streets, the Goldoni Theater and the whole territory with Italian and European contemporary dance, also organizing artistic residencies.

Since 2014 GDO has produced the Project of gestural and choreographic contamination, E.sperimenti Dance Company, which represents his leading company, with excellent dancers, of great experience, mostly under 35, known abroad as in Italy.

Energy, irony and lyricism, distinguish them, cleverly fused to achieve a successful bridge between tradition and innovation, a crossover between different styles and techniques for a unique and original ensemble.

A last long tour of success has just ended in the Asian basin, realized in collaboration with Mibac, MAECI, Emilia Romagna Region, Marche Region, Embassy of Italy in Bangkok, Italian Cultural Institute Hong Kong, Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta, Embassy of Italy in Singapore, Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur and Embassy of Italy in Manila and with the international IASAS network.

Six the Asian Capitals involved that have applauded the productions of the E.sperimenti Dance Company: Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

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