Light and shadow, shadow and light… by alternating them is marked human life, as always: an ancestral rhythm that awakens the atavic animal that is inside each of us and rediscovers the overwhelming force of the male in harmony with Nature, beside to its fragility facing her magnitude.

CONVERGENZE highlights the human soul split between reason and instinct found in tribalism, in the rediscovery of our roots inherent in the rhythm of the ‘earth’, as in the animal free flight, beautiful of a pure beauty because naturally wild, in armony with Nature.

Interesting Federica Galimberti’s creation, that uses a very personal language, vibrant, new, contaminated also by the charm of light protagonist together with darkness.

A primordial rhythm that materializes in a dance of the earth, urban, in an extreme challenge of themselves and the other just in an abstract as engaging and energetic relationship between electronic music and soil, light and rhythm, power of the male dance and joy of dynamic.

A conscious and clear choice that the choreographer takes to configure this theme with a masculine ensemble, of great stage impact, but also equally capable of expressing the infinite fragility of man in front of the immense. Thus representation of themes so ancient, yet so contemporary, fascinates creating a very convincing piece.


E.sperimenti Dance Company

Federica Galimberti

AVV ed elaborazioni elettroniche

Noemi Intimo

S.S. Service di Marco Giamminonni, Diego Sacchi

Gruppo Danza Oggi di Patrizia Salvatori

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