Attacchi di Pane

ATTACCHI DI PANE it is a show that metaphorically stages an ancient but very current theme: man and society. The choreographer, with her light and innovative language, consolidates the idea that “the individual” rediscovers his own security “in the group” Translated on stage in the attacks, this path motivates the person to realize himself, to be happy, to communicate and to seek a comparison with others. To accept ourself and be accepted, with our limits but also in our peculiarities.

Bread, the metaphorical protagonist of the show is the “simple” answer to the individual anxious to realize aspirations, fill empty spaces, overcome fears.

Man is always hungry for something he cannot achieve on his own, but happiness, which is in simple things like bread, lies in sharing. The bread thus becomes that symbol of happiness to be shared with “the group”, therefore with the public.

A psychological approach that is dealed with irony and disenchantment. A choreographic script that moves easily in the hip hop rhythmic decomposition with a biting style, never repetitive with an urban flavor, that “attains”, involves and leads to the final explosion of emotions from “bread attacks”.


E.sperimenti Dance Company

Federica Galimberti

Daniele Toti

AA.VV. ed elaborazioni elettroniche

Federica Galimberti

S.S. Service di Marco Giamminonni

Gruppo Danza Oggi by Patrizia Salvatori

With Attacchi di Pane you stage contemporary dance in the world

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