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It is always the man with his emotions and his experiences, the center of attention of ‘CORPI E NOTE’, a show that makes the public and artists dialogue through music, gesture, word, using the different expressive languages with the common thread of the strength of live music combined with the strength of the body that expresses the words it hears, vibrates with the music, is exalted with the percussion.
We look to an intense spring of emotions and perceptions, sharing ‘beauty’ and ’emotional well-being’ are the important path to find and rediscover, change, transform, savor. The suggestions from the scene arrive with strength and delicacy, with evocation and evidence, it is the immersive experience that CORPI E NOTE offers because it nourishes the soul and makes you stronger.

This is the meaning of a show, created as part of the PAESAGGI RADICI COMUNITA’ production project, which was born as a ‘LIVE JAM SESSION’, a new challenge between musicians and dancers, in which each feeds the creativity of the other and listens he gives himself, crossing ‘paths and stories’ in a bewitching alchemy where everyone is generous….

Thanks to the texts by Alessandro Moscatelli, to the total involvement of musicians and dancers and to the concept of Patrizia Salvatori, this show integrates generations and tastes, combining tradition and innovation, interacting with those present, stimulating a sharing dialogue which we strongly feel the need .

Accomplices in the challenge are the dancers of the surprising GDO/UDA urban company, which Ilenja Rossi moves on stage and the virtuoso Marco Lo Russo Rouge, concert performer, composer, internationally renowned artist and conservatory professor, who has made the accordion the undisputed star of his art musical Made in Italy, clearing it from the popular instrument of the collective imagination. They relate the different artistic ‘landscapes’ and the ‘roots’ of each one’s path: the Indian-gypsy one for music, the urban one for dance, giving life to a third way which integrates and transforms by entering the ‘community’ which in theater is created between artists and audience.

Alessandro Moscatelli, laureato in lettere, specializzato in Storia dell’Arte. Da sempre appassionato di arte nelle sue molteplici sfaccettature, realizza organizza e diffonde nel territorio iniziative di carattere culturale. Ama tutti i progetti che permettano alle arti di dialogare tra loro, per questo motivo da alcuni anni promuove spettacoli di musica e poesia, conferenze, mostre ed eventi culturali. Ha collaborato con i Comuni di Jesi, Senigallia, Corinaldo e Trecastelli. Per il Comune di Jesi da sei anni é ideatore e condirettore artistico del Festival di poesia Similitudini che si svolge alla Biblioteca Planettiana.
Collabora con la Scuola di Musica Bettino Padovano e con la Fondazione Gabbiano di Senigallia. Per la Fondazione cura dal 2016 una rubrica di poesia (La poesia è dei poveri) che va in onda con cadenza settimanale sulle frequenze di Radio Duomo e che ha superato le 120 puntate.
Ha svolto in numerosi eventi il ruolo di presentatore tra i quali si ricorda la Maratona Bach e altri eventi organizzati da enti comunali e sovracomunali.

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