50 min/mq

The artist who is inside each of us, tight in 50MQ, goes beyond the walls, runs from room to room and draws an invisible imaginary thread.


A primordial rhythm that materializes in a physical dance, of earth, in the extreme challenge of oneself and of the other.

Per... inciso

The 'engravings' of the great Italian singer-songwriters who told Italy in their lyrics and melodies.

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Gruppo Danza Oggi

About the Director

My Start?

I remember it like this… the sound of the unforgettable Invitation to Dance by Weber and I, with much haughtiness, performed the steps that the improbable classical dance teacher selfcalled ‘of the Scala Theatre’ had taught me…

I started at 5yo in Sicily where I arrived from Africa and continued to stay until around 9yo to then be catapulted to Rome for the transfer of the family.

At the time of going to middle school I was asked what I wanted to do and there was that hidden fire: DANCE!!! – Director of Gruppo Danza Oggi


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