Gruppo Danza Oggi

Gruppo Danza Oggi (GDO) is a non-profit cultural association, founded in 1978 by the choreographer Patrizia Salvatori, who still today as artistic & managing director, directs its choices, cultural lines and objectives.

GDO was born with the aim of spreading culture through high quality international organization and production projects in the field of Live Entertainment with a particular focus on dance in all its possible forms.

Through activities that directly involve the public, training and nourishing it with beauty, GDO promotes and disseminates the Live Show with the production and distribution of dance performances, research and experimentation, the formation of new creativity, seminar activities and laboratory, planning and realization of cultural events, with particular attention to the social impact…

About the Director

Curiosity, emotion, sharing and the search for beauty. In my ears I still hear the notes of Weber’s unforgettable Invitation to Dance and I, proud of the role, performed the steps that the improbable teacher who called himself “of the Teatro della Scala” had taught me!

… and then time passed: from Africa to Sicily, from the Accademia di Danza in Rome to The Place in London and then … and then … and then … tours, shows, festivals … and now 50 years from the beginning and a always fresh vision of tradition and innovation of support for young people, social commitment and the search for beauty.

I steal what was heard from a wonderful 88-year-old woman from the Marche region who, while embroidering with pillow lace, said at EXPO Dubai 2022: “I only like to do beautiful things!”

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Gruppo Danza Oggi



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